It does not have to be a lager – HIISI & Hexvessel collaborate on a gigantic, mythologically and musically inspired barley wine.

Press Release 21.02.2019

HIISI, the Finnish, mythologically creative craft brewery and Hexvessel – a British/Finnish folk-/psychedelic rock band have made a collaboration way beyond traditional boundaries. Kouko, a new honey and spruce tip infused barley wine, was designed from the ground up while listening to the new Hexvessel album ”All Tree”.

The beer will be launched during Hexvessel’s next live performance on Saturday 23.02.2019, at G Livelab in Helsinki. After this the beer will make it’s way to restaurants all over Finland.

At a strength of 10,5% and an album length of 46 minutes, this project clearly brings a bit of extra to the world of beer & music collaborations.

”With Kouko we wanted to make a big, mythologically fitting beer that keeps on slowly evolving as you sip it. ”All Tree” was the main influence while designing the beer, and the beer ended up sharing a rather similar rhythm with it’s inspiration.” – Mikko Mäkelä, HIISI.

HIISI & Hexvessel have one special message in mind – band beers are not just about lager:

”We love musical collaborations with beer, they’re more deeply intertwined than people usually think. A brewmaster can draw so many lines from past music – ask any brewer you know. We feel there’s just so much more room for things to do in this space.” – Mikko Mäkelä, HIISI. on the Hexvessel album ”All Tree”:

”It’s a labor of love. It’s a craft of artisan standards. It’s a patiently epic and flawlessly natural escape with a distinct human voice. ”

More info:

Mikko Mäkelä, HIISI Brewing Company.
+358 400 369 700